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This printing of King's Forge: Masterworks contains: 

  • 40 Base-Game Cards
  • 14 Bonus Cards (see the Silent Knight Gifts below) 
  • 30 Mini-Cards
  • 26 Dice
  • 4 Punchboard Tiles 
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Game Box to hold it all!

Previous King's Forge expansions have featured new dice (Glassworks and Gold), items with abilities (Queen's Jubilee), and adding a new row of options to gathering (Apprentices). Masterworks borrows from all these precedents without adding unnecessary complexity.  

We have added four new dice types, but their functions are very simple:

  • Two are "dual dice" (metal/magic and wood/gem)
  • One copies the basic dice (metal, wood, gem, magic)
  • One gives fun, unpredictable bonuses (e.g. +3 to a die matching it)

It's all about supporting a flexible dice pool.

During crafting, if you roll well enough to make an item—you'll be one step closer to winning. Roll poorly, though, and those dice and your turn could feel wasted. With Masterworks, you can spend unused metal dice to bid on the exotic dice. In this way, you "craft" the new dice. 

  • Ambassador's Row: Use dice rolled during crafting to impress foreign dignitaries staying at the palace. Craft the best "bid" for their attention and get a sample of their new exotic die. Exotic dice are single use only, but they remain from round to round until used. 

You start each round on the bottom half of the board in the Gather phase. Here you spend dice to get more or better dice and crafting bonuses. The new row below the board gives you more powerful (i.e. cheaper) options. But you only get one choice from this row per round—make it count!

  • Griffin's Landing: One distinguished guest from each realm arrives each round. This creates a row of Visitor Cards, a special type of gather card that represents hosting or collaborating. Since hosting is time consuming, each player only gets one Visitor Card per round.

Masterworks is all about easy-to-see options on the table. The set-up doesn't even change based on the player count, it's always the same two extra rows above and below the main board organized from West to East. Download a draft of the rules for a more detailed overview. 

Please note that these rules are a work in progress!
Please note that these rules are a work in progress!

The return of griffins has opened the kingdom up to the wonders of the whole world. As the Kickstarter campaign progresses, we will be revealing new game content from the four realms each day: 

  • The magic and stillness of the North (Update #2)
  • The beauty of the Near and Far East (Update #3)
  • The energy and vitality of the South (Update #4)
  • The spirit and independence of the West (Update #5)

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Expansion Design: Chris Schreiber
Expansion Development: Dann May
Original Game Design: Nick Sibicky
Art: Jonathan Kirtz
Art Direction: Chris Schreiber & Dann May
Art Director: Dann May
Graphic Design: Jonathan Kirtz, Dann May, Cody Jones, Chris Schreiber, Barry Pike, Noelle Le Bienvenu
Kickstarter: Brenna Noonan & Deon Carrico
Marketing: Brenna Noonan
Executive Production: Dan Yarrington
Published by Starling Games

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King's Forge: Masterworks

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  • King's Forge: Masterworks
$65USD + Shipping

Base Game + King's Forge: Masterworks

You will receive one copy of the King's Forge base game (3rd edition) and King's Forge: Masterworks!


  • King's Forge (Third edition)
  • King's Forge: Masterworks

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