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This expansion introduces an exciting new area of Everdell to explore: the Pearlbrook River!


During setup, the River board will be placed beside the main board. The new resource, pearls, will be placed in the Shoal. Four River Destination cards will be chosen at random and placed facedown and unseen on the four locations on the river. The basic Events from the base game are replaced with the four Wonders of Everdell. Finally, each player will receive a frog Ambassador and two Adornment cards (drawn randomly).


River Destination cards consist of Citizens and Locations. Players will send their frog Ambassador meeple to a destination to flip over the card and discover what awaits them below. The first player to visit an unrevealed River Destination automatically gains one pearl, as it is a race to see who can establish diplomatic connections with the waterfolk first!

However, to visit these destinations, a player’s city must first contain the requirements listed on the River board. In the case of the above example, the player must have two Destination cards in their city to send their Ambassador to the River space where Snout the Explorer can be discovered and then traded with.   

Underwater Citizens require players to discard specific types of cards from their hand in order to obtain point tokens and a pearl. Locations require players to pay point tokens and certain resources to draw cards and gain a pearl. In each game, two Locations and two Citizens will be placed facedown in the River for players to discover.

These valuable pearls can be used in two different ways: players can purchase one of the Adornment cards they were dealt at the beginning of the game, or save the pearls to use for building one of the four wonders of Everdell!

Each adornment costs one pearl to play and grants an immediate ability, but is also worth end game bonus points based on different aspects of the player’s city. Adornment cards do not count toward a player’s hand limit or their city size limit.

The Wonders of Everdell are impressive structures that will make your city the envy of critters all through the valley! Of course, constructing them will take hard work, especially since players cannot use card abilities from their cities or other discounts to do so.  

Get ready to be charmed and delighted by the beautiful world of Everdell once again! The water is perfect, dive on in…

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Game Design: James A. Wilson
Game Development: Dann May & Brenna Noonan
Art: Andrew Bosley
Art Direction: Dann May
Graphic Design: Dann May & Cody Jones
Enamel Pins: Barry Pike
3D Renderings: Greg May
Kickstarter and Marketing: Brenna Noonan
Executive Production: Dan Yarrington
Published by Starling Games

Available Rewards:

$39USD + Shipping

Everdell: Pearlbrook

Includes 1 copy of Pearlbrook, an expansion for Everdell. Requires Everdell base game to play.


  • Everdell: Pearlbrook
$104USD + Shipping

Pearlbrook+Everdell Collector's Edition

Includes 1 copy of the Everdell Collector's Edition (base game) and 1 copy of the expansion Pearlbrook.


  • Everdell: Pearlbrook
  • Everdell Collector's Edition
$65USD + Shipping

Base Game — Everdell Collector's Edition

1 copy of the Everdell Collector's Edition base game.


  • Everdell Collector's Edition
$234USD + Shipping

6x Pearlbrook

Includes 6 copies of Pearlbrook, an expansion for Everdell. Requires Everdell base game to play.


  • 6x Everdell: Pearlbrook
$624USD + Shipping

6x Pearlbrook & 6x Everdell CE

Includes 6 copies of the Everdell Collector's Edition (base game) and 6 copies of the expansion Pearlbrook.


  • 6x Everdell Collector's Edition
  • 6x Everdell: Pearlbrook

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